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Makeup Artist and Hairstylist at any location, destination or wedding site

Patricia Darquea owner of A Perfect Look


I've spent many great years doing what I do best and that is making people beautiful!

Nine years ago A Perfect Look™ was created to provide professional wedding makeup and wedding hair for the Bride, Bridal Party and her guests on the wedding day. This exclusive service comes to your location and provides a stress-free environment for the bridal party while looking forward to a celebration for years to remember!

I'm not only a confidante but a friend to my brides trusted as their "Professional Wedding Makeup Artist and Wedding Hair Designer". Cheers!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
FAQ: What do I need to do to prepare myself for your pre-trial?
APL: For the pre-trial you come to our studio with a clean face and a picture in hand of your favorite hairstyle, bring your veil and bridal accessories that you would like to try during your session.

FAQ: Do you provide both makeup and hair for the wedding party and out of town guests?
APL: Yes, A Perfect Look provides both services for makeup and hair on your wedding day at any location. This is cost effective to the bride and her guests when both service are provided to ease the stress for a relaxing day.

FAQ: I hardly wear any make-up on a daily basis, so how can you help me on my wedding day?
APL: My technique is simple and sheer. I love to see a beautiful bride without noticing a lot of liquid makeup or a heavy application. Creating a sheer, radiant makeover with a flawless look is my style.

FAQ: Do you provide false eyelashes?
APL: Yes, I custom size them to your eyes if requested.

FAQ: What do you think about airbrushing?
APL: Airbrushing is great for weddings, television, movies, stage, and theater. It works well when working on a closed set or on stage with hot lights.

FAQ: I hardly wear any makeup. Why should I airbrush?
APL: Many of my clients love the sheer moisturizing foundations I use, however, some of my clients ask for airbrushing. It is just a personal choice and both work well for your wedding day.

Patricia Darquea

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